Parties at Playtown

Call/Text/E-mail us for bookings and inquiries at 647.697.4003 and/or! Prices are subject to change without notice. Note: From October 2023 there is a $20 price increase in each package due to progressive inflation and minimum wage increase.

- 20 people party package: $500+hst (1 party room, 1 Party size cheese pizza, 1 pitcher of juice, 1 bowl of chips)
- 30 people party package: $600+hst (2 party rooms, 2 party size cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of juice, 1 bowl of chips)
- 50 people party package: $720+hst (3 party rooms, 2 party size cheese pizzas, 2 pitchers of juice, 2 bowls of chips)
- 70 people private party package: $820+hst (Full facility, 3 party size cheese pizzas, 3 pitchers of juice, 3 bowls of chips)

  • Each party has a two hours time slot with 15 minutes prior for setup. Each package includes the number of kids and adults altogether.
  • A party sized pizza (20 squares) from Pizza Pizza.
  • Each party has access to all of the play section.
  • Host on-site to meet and greet.
  • Host on-site can assist for set-up; based on availability, assistance during the party & all the cleanup.
  • To add extra guests please inquire as early as possible due to limited availability.

Full terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

Need more time?

$165+hst/hour upto a maximum of two hours.

Based on availability.

  • More fun!
  • More time!

2 Please note that the Enchanted Castle is not available for double-room parties.

Party Add-ons (Currently not available)

Lootbags,Balloons,Cake and Themed upgrade

  • We now offer lootbags as an add-on to our party packages; ask us for details!
  • Upgrade your package to Themed Plates, Cups and Napkins for $40 for 12 children and $80 for 24
  • We now offer Balloon, Cake and Cupcakes services. For details, please email or call us
  • Click here to check out our available items!

All Parties

You are welcome to bring in your own food as long as it is nut-free. All parties are required to bring in their own cutlery/plates/cups/napkins as needed. There will be staff on-site to assist you, and will assist with the clean-up at the end of the event.

Our party rooms

The Enchanted Castle

The Enchanted Castle party room

What kid doesn't want to be the center of the royal treatment on their birthday? The Enchanted Castle room is decorated in true royal fashion, including a grand chandelier, beautiful diamonds, an extravagant almost‑midnight clock, and a special birthday throne. Your birthday child is truly going to feel like royalty in the Playtown castle.

The Friendly Forest

The Friendly Forest party room

No need to fear, all the animals in Playtown's Friendly Forest party room are welcoming. Your birthday child can have their special day amongst the bear cubs, deer and all the forest animals without having to worry about them eating the birthday cake.

Playtown Pond

Playtown Pond party room

No need to hold your breath in Playtown Pond. Your child will be able to swim amongst the fishes and beavers without even getting wet! There's even a big cuddly frog to keep you company. So jump on in, the water's great and the fish don't bite.

Terms and conditions for Playtown parties

All COVID-19 rules and regulations are applicable as posted on our website. Everyone attending must acknowledge the policy on the Playtown website. Upon arrival you will be asked to sign off on the form and provide your contact information. Contact information will be retained in our records for 14 days as required by public health department. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the party will be responsible for the full balance of the party.

A reminder that we are a socks only facility. All kids and adults must wear socks.

Non-Private parties have access to the three party rooms and play area. Cafeteria is not included in the party package unless it is a private party booked.

Everyone over the age of 5 is required to wear a mask.

Outside food and drinks are permitted; however, we do not allow food with nuts, peanuts or treenuts. Please bring plate supplies and utensils.

In the event you would prefer to bring outside food, our staff are not responsible for setting, serving or hosting of foods not provided by Playtown.

The staff need to be informed prior to the arrival of any food deliveries.

No candies, gummies or hard sweets are allowed in the play area. Please do not bring any glass or breakable containers or dinnerware.

Please note: a $200.00 fine will be charged if food or drinks are taken into the play area.

We kindly request all parents to ask the kids to keep the toys back to their spot when they are done playing to the best of their ability. We are a skill building facility and we encourage all kids to follow same good manners at home, at school and at Playtown as well.

No rough play allowed. Kindly advise children not to throw any toys or bump the plasma cars into the walls. Any damages to the facility, playhouses or the items may cost anywhere from $50 to $500 to you.

Children who are unwell during their visit will be kindly asked to leave the premises for risk of infection to other patrons. Sorry, but no exceptions will be made when children are unwell as our company reputation for hygiene and safety is paramount.

In order to maintain a safe environment for your children, we are unable to allow piƱatas, glitter, confetti, or face painting. No exceptions. In the event these items are brought into the facility, additional clean up charges will apply. Balloons are allowed in the party rooms only.

Electrical devices such as kettles, crock pots and griddles are not permitted.

NOTE: Any bookings/party cancellations are applicable and administered based on the signed agreements.